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My wife decided she wanted to go into the luxury eyebrow business. So that means WE are going into the luxury eyebrow business.

Today we got up and drove around to different suites looking at space for her to start.

I already know that this will be a TC funded and TC backed opportunity so I’m looking at what TC can afford to fund for the next six months.

While we were meeting with people we had the advantage, it was two of us against one. One of us very detail oriented and one of us very get things done oriented. We asked great questions, we conducted ourselves professionally we are off to a great start.

With the both of us pushing this project forward it can’t lose.

I am very anti strong individual. I am very strong TEAM. The team ensures the win where the individual attempt is a toss up.

She didn’t formally ask me to support and help. That is what I signed up for through marriage. Anything she engages in I am involved with and I am damn qualified to support and build this thing.

I often wonder why most folks wont take that number two spot and that is because in our community either you were the boss or you weren’t the boss.

But in other communities they see rich people who are the VP of something or the senior vp or just in plain ole executive leadership.

Being a part of dope stuff still makes you dope. Being the boss is just one of many very dope roles that you can play when building or participating in something great.

So support your friends. Support your family. Support strangers on these apps. That support benefits you both, not just the man or woman at the top!

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I want this


I want this


I want this


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this is how you fire your VA

this is how you fire your VA

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