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People don’t have a money management problem they have a NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO MANAGE problem

The meme I hate the most on here is the one that says “if you can’t manage 1,000 dollars you won’t be able to manage $100,000” ….. my question is, how do you know? Most people reposting that don’t have $100,000… to even make that comment.

From experience, I’ve learned that People don’t have a money management problem they have a NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO MANAGE problem. The secret to becoming smart with your money is to make more.

When I was in college everyone wondered why I was broke. I didn’t get financial aid. I couldn’t work full time. I was actively involved on campus in non paid clubs. They thought it was money management. It was not enough money.

As I got older i committed myself to learning how to earn massive income. I went to law school to earn more. Went to grad school to earn more. I kept hitting job walls though. Nobody wanted to pay me. It was ENTREPRENUERSHIP or bust at that point.

For me, entrepreneurship is the only way because I tried all the other ways. I played their go to school get a job game and fell short. I had to learn freedom because it was all lies. Don’t fall for their lies. You aren’t struggling because of money management.

You are struggling because you don’t have any products. You don’t have a brand. You aren’t building anything for your last name.

Get free yall.

Get your income up in the process…..



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this is how you fire your VA

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