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One TURO car could replace your job

Yes, you heard me right. ONE Turo car. The numbers are really that good.

Got the car back last Tuesday, it got booked for Wednesday. Picked up the car last night and its going back out tomorrow morning. This TURO business is lucrative.

Now if you are a doctor or a lawyer this might not be the case. But for the average worker, earning 30-40k a year, bringing in about 2400 net a month (or less), you can do those numbers with a Turo rental car easy.

I book my car out of LAX and on a good month its turning every single day of that month. I might have it maybe a day or so in between trips but lets say its book 25 days out of the month. Im charging around $90 a day for the car, more on holidays and weekends. I am bringing in around 2k.

Now the kicker is, it works on weekends and evenings. The other kicker is I don't have to wake up every day and commute two hours to make this money. That alone is worth money because gas isn't cheap. Most people are earning less than their wage just based on the commute alone!

So to celebrate MY TURO WINS I'm letting the Turo course go to day for just $49 .. this course is getting rave reviews because I don't just cover Turo, I cover the business systems that allow me to operate my business hands free from wherever I am in the country!

Click the link below for the DEAL!

One Turo


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