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meet Todd and the monopoly bros IN person and tour our FLIPS - JULY 30

Super excited about this dope event that I am co hosting with some true legends in the game. When it comes to real estate I am a small fish compared to the monopoly bros. These brothers have been wholesaling, flipping and renting in the Detroit market for years and need your help to make sure that we benefit from the Renaissance occurring in Detroit.

A lot of people sleep on Detroit but it is a major city with a lot of history and a ton of black entrepreneurship. In my opinion, Detroit is just as good for black folks as Atlanta.

If you are looking for a market to invest in or are already investing in Detroit or you just want to learn the fundamentals of investing you NEED to be here. The property tour is July 30. Tickets are only $99, they are very limited and will be gone fast.....



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Freedom pack will soon be gone

$5 to join the mastermind … permanent discount

this is how you fire your VA

this is how you fire your VA

new options course launching on Black Friday (give us some feedback)

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