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Made 12k on Netflix. Here is what I did.

This week I did about 12k on a practice Netflix paper trade. I was testing out a theory that ultimately panned out.

What I did was that I used my same value investing strategy (CRISIS MONEY BREAKS THIS DOWN) but I paired with long term options contracts (OPTIONS COURSE TALKS ABOUT THIS).

This trade went up and down but I was so locked in on the LONG GAME that I knew that Netflix was oversold and would ultimately rebound.

This week they had a run into earnings and then ultimately posted a positive report.

The key to earnings ins’t whether they beat or miss. What matters is what they say. Don’t focus on the beat. Focus on the projections.

I also took a 10k position in Netflix and the gains on that 10k we tiny compared to the options gains. About the same cost of the contract too.

This is what makes options amazing. Same knowledge, same risk, 10X the profit.

The key is that I had a two year contract so I don’t even run the risk of time decay until year one and by that time I planned to be out of the trade.

Bad news comes in quick to take a stocks legs out but ultimately it will trend back toward its true value over time. I knew this, I locked in and I won with a dope stock and company that I use, not some random call out speculative play.

Options work. But the options course alone isn’t all the knowledge I use to invest. The entire freedom pack is essential. You pair my overall stock knowledge with options and boom.

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this is how you fire your VA

this is how you fire your VA

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