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I was thinking to myself one day that I had really spent a full two hours just scrolling tiktok. Usually when im scrolling it's so I can find new content to reproduce, but still, that was two hours wasted.

I then found myself scrolling twitter. And then I found myself scrolling IG.

I noticed that I was also in a funk because of this. Social media in a lot of ways is where people go to dump stuff. Social media is basically a garbage dump. They come on twitter to complain and argue. Then they go on IG to flex and make you jealous.

If you aren't careful social media can make you go CRAZY.

This is why this comment by Brandi was so cool to me.

The business automation course teaches you ways to remain present on social media without getting caught up in everyone else's mess and drama. You don't have to read about their dating struggles. You don't have to hear about salary debates. None of that. But you can still be present and bringing in customers.

Social media is where your business needs to be but not necessarily where your brain needs to be. And that's why I'm taking a break!

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this is how you fire your VA

this is how you fire your VA

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