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I remember driving Uber eats after working a weekend restaurant job, and after working a full week in a law firm.

I spent that entire time binging podcasts. Listening to YouTube tutorials on investing. Listening to audio books.

While driving I was exposed to amazing neighborhoods in Newport Beach and I ultimately stumbled upon the neighborhood that we live in now. I put the home on the vision board and a year later here we are.

I would have never found this hidden gem if not for Uber.

People often ask me what they should be doing if they are starting from zero. The answer is WORK.

The work will set you free. The work will give you game. The work will expose you to things you won’t see sitting in front of a tv screen.

I worked a ton of jobs that were beneath me because I was never too good to sit down and wait. I would rather be moving than waiting.

Everything I learned and implemented is contained in the FREEDOM pack. I want FREEDOM for you. You deserve it. 

Right now I released 50 Freedom Packs for just $44. 16 are already sold so act fast. 

Freedom Pack

Freedom pack will soon be gone

$5 to join the mastermind … permanent discount

this is how you fire your VA

this is how you fire your VA

new options course launching on Black Friday (give us some feedback)

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