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Entrepreneurship is a lonely game

I have wanted nothing in my life more than to be a successful entrepreneur.  Nobody told me that it would come with a lot more than just the money, watches and cars.

Over the last year I have been betrayed, ROBBED and backstabbed more times than I can count.  I live in constant fear of law suits.  It has been a great experience but also a very scary one.  I have never felt more lonely than I have, after I made it.

As a result of this excessive free time and money I began drinking, a lot.  I didn’t have a commute, I didn’t have any pulls on my time, I could afford to have alcohol in abundance. It was lit, until it wasn’t.

I realized that in a lot of ways, I am alone. People who knew me on the come up have distanced themselves because they felt threatened by my accomplishments.  People close to me felt that they were obligated to what I earned.

I say all this to say that if you feel like you can’t build your enterprise because you don’t have help, forget that help.  Employees, VAs etc are NOT going to build your business.  If anything they could be the downfall of your business.

It's lonely but it's also a reminder that you have to get back to YOU. The reason why this all exists.  The reason why it's going to win with or without any of their involvement.

You are so powerful.  You are capable.  You are smart and you can do it. Don’t let anyone think that they are the key to your destiny or that if they leave or stop messing with you that you will fall off.  It's simply not true.

The book is called Choose Yourself, not choose your VA or choose your graphics dude.  Its not called choose your contractor.  They will all be gone at some point so you might as well get ready for that day and if you don’t have those people now that is no excuse not to accomplish your goals.

Choose yourself! It's a lonely game but you can win it.

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