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Did you see what Dame Dash said?!

I recently posted a video of Dame Dash talking about buying a football team.

Catch the clip here:

In the video Shannon Sharpe says that there aren't many black folks walking around with buy-a-team money.

In response to that FACT (it is a fact and a lot of times we let facts stop us) Dame says 'how many {non blacks] have the money?' ... they don't have the money either they just team up and find a way to get to their goal with what they have.

Dame took the disadvantage and figured out a way to accomplish the goal. The tweet posting this video has 100 likes and a dozen RTs. People are waking up.

I bring it to you because team work is and always has been the hack. Being a part of a MASTERMIND is a hack!

Yes the facts are true. We are the least funded. The most overlooked and our creativity doesn't get rewarded. But that is only true if you remain as an individual where they can pick you off individually. You NEED to be a part of a GROUP!

In the MASTERMIND we are coming together multiple times a week. Bringing in guest speakers. Sharing our wins. Reading books and growing.*1mgnwk2*_ga*MTY0MTY2MzEyNC4xNjQ3MjY3ODY4*_ga_6LJN6D94N6*MTY0NzI2OTg0Ny4yLjEuMTY0NzI2OTg4Ny4w

I have seen so many of our members grow from the strategies that we teach them and work on. Through the accountability that we instill and the information that we fill them up with.

From one successful business we have created a tree of successful businesses.

One company that stands out is Hivemind. Hivemind made over 200k between January and February. This brother went from a failed trucking company to a company that NETs in two months what his trucking company grossed.

All of this came from the strategies we have been working on with them and others.

The examples are too long to list. But it's amazing to see. The key is the group. In a mastermind you can do more in one year than you could in an entire lifetime if you depended on your own efforts. Why? The mastermind takes the guess work out of it. Instead of trying to read and listen to podcasts and figure it out, you are already six weeks in to our webinar or funnel strategy.

If you read all the way to the bottom of this I'm offering a one time opportunity to join the mastermind. instead of paying per month you can pay one time fee of $500...

This is half off. Click here*1mgnwk2*_ga*MTY0MTY2MzEyNC4xNjQ3MjY3ODY4*_ga_6LJN6D94N6*MTY0NzI2OTg0Ny4yLjEuMTY0NzI2OTg4Ny4w

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Freedom pack will soon be gone

Freedom pack will soon be gone

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