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Customer Service Issues? is the way!

Greetings all. Our goal at AFE is always to provide you with high quality customer service.  We want to make sure all your questions are answered and all your issues are addressed.  In order to do this efficiently we have created a direct customer service email.  That email is

PLEASE direct ALL customer service inquiries to that email account which is monitored by a VA who is there to answer all questions.  

DMs are easy, emails to random emails are easy, but that isn't the best way to contact us because now you are swimming in a pool of other DMs and emails from the thousands of people sending DMs or emails.  We also can't tab and flag emails if they are mixed in with personal and sales emails. 

So PLEASE, don't just respond to emails or send DMs. That is a great way to not get your response handled. Email and we will set you up. 

Make it a great day.

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this is how you fire your VA

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