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20 hours of DOING something is more valuable than 20 hours of THINKING about doing something.

Read that again!

Things that you are afraid to do are most likely the hidden actions you need to take to rise to the next level in life.

Today is demo day. I was honestly afraid to tackle a long distance flip even though we have done long distance rental rehabs and long distance property Managent for years.

I decided to man up, send the wire and learn. We are further ahead now that we were before. And I learned that a long distance flip is easier than all the issues that come with property 


Tap in to the long distance real estate investing and get the game on how the deals I can’t afford to do in Cali are being knocked out from thousands of miles away.

Today the course is just $15 dollars. Tap the link.



Freedom pack will soon be gone

$5 to join the mastermind … permanent discount

this is how you fire your VA

this is how you fire your VA

new options course launching on Black Friday (give us some feedback)

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