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I remember when I was working a day job. Every dollar I made on top of that job was a dollar towards my ultimate freedom.

No dollar was too small. Because at one point I was working a weekend job in a restaurant for a few extra hundred dollars a month.

Now, I had the ability to replace that income with something way less strenuous and passive.

Vending Machines allowed me to do just that. I was able to leave my crappy part time job which gave my my weekends back which then allowed me to grow my larger businesses.

For years I would drive by nice cars, wanting one but not knowing how I would fit the payment into my already tight working income. It just didn't make sense and I couldn't drive how I want to.

One day I got the bright idea to put my current car on TURO. The car left me carless for multiple weekends but I noticed that the car was generating about 2k a month.

I started to do some math. 2k a month on top of my income would allow me to absorb two car payments. I immediately ordered a Tesla and we went and got a Mercedes Benz GLE for my wife because I didn't want no beef when I had a new car but she didn't.

I want to share this freedom through creativity with YOU. We don't have problems, only opportunities to get creative. That is what this course does. It shows you have to use what you have to create what you want.

This course in particular is filled with multiple modules, the slides, and as a bonus I threw in the exact templates I use to automate my TURO business.

What makes my course unique is its from my perspective as a host, but its also filled with gems I have picked up on in business from being a turo guest.

So its like five courses in one. Five all star turo hosts came together to create a mega course.

So what I decided to do is bundled up the Turo Course AND the Vending Course in one bundle!

Its called VENDING BOSS ....

What you will get: My proven method that will allow you to make 2k a month from your TURO and at least 2k a month from your vending machines.

My exact strategies for managing the business so you are running a real business not a side hustle.

My methods for finding vending routes and managing the machines, including service issues and moving the machines.

My exact strategies for scaling the business and removing yourself from the entire equation. Ultimate boss move.

Turo Boss = $500 Value (It has helped several people scale their business to multiple cars generating multiple thousands per month)

Vending Course = $297 Value (Has helped several people scale their business to dozens of locations)

Today you can get it for the bundle price of $550.. DON'T WAIT!

$540 off will be applied at checkout (Code MIDNIGHT)
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My proven method that will allow you to make 2k a month PER VEHICLE from your TURO and at least 1k a month PER LOCATION from your vending machines. m

$550 $10

Vending Boss

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